Believing in Ideas – The Story of an Accidental Candle Company – Sunny Day is born!


Sunny Day

Sunny Day on Etsy

Full Circle Candles was not meant to be a business. I was new to Tennessee and my joy for living here was over the top. I had traveled to the Tennessee/Georgia area for many years. Camping, Hiking, White Water Rafting, and longing for more and more visits. I never thought I would have moved here. However, I was surprised when a door shut in Florida and the door that opened started with the words “how about just moving to TN”. After garage sales and saying goodbye to amazing friends I closed the chapter of Florida, got in that Uhaul, and crossed the border into TN not as a visitor, but as a resident. Although challenging in many ways, it was and still is the best decision I made in life.

New to living here I began discovering even more joys. Farmer Markets and local crafts. It was, and still is, a deep belief to support local, buy local, eat local food. Local. Local. Local. My gifts for family and friends were becoming mostly local and my cooking moved from microwaves to learning and growing with homemade, wonderful foods using seasonal goodies from farmers markets. I taught myself bread making even to the point of creating homemade bagels!! I knew I was living in the right place for my soul.

While all this is happening I realized that my health wasn’t the best while burning candles. At this time I did not know much about soy and I was still using candles from stores that contained paraffin wax such as Glade or even the famous Yankee Candles. I always felt stuffed up, sneezing, coughing but I loved having illuminating light all around. So one morning (literally) I woke up and felt the urge to learn how to make a candle. My research began. I learned of how damaging parrafin candles with lead wick candles can be for the environment and I was supporting petroleum companies which went against my environmentalism beliefs at heart. I began learning of soy waxes and bees wax and essential oils and or high grade fragrances infused with essential oils. All I researched could be made petroleum free. So I decided to make a batch of candles and one of my favorite smells is lemon. So, four years ago in my little kitchen, I created a Lemon Verbena candle, made out of 100% soy and with an eco based wick. It turned out beautiful and I couldn’t believe I learned to make my own candle! Now I had my own candles to burn and I also shared them with new folks I was meeting. What happened next was shocking. People were delighted how it burned and the aroma it gave off, so they wanted more. I realized I had stumbled into my very own crafting home business. It all matched what I believed in. First of all I was in an overflowing supportive crafting community. Second, making the candles brought me joy, Third, it was better for the environment all around and finally I do believe in the entrepreneurial spirit. It was a win win!

So I named the lemon verbena candle, which is still one of the most popular sellers today. The Sunny Day Candle was born. I also had to give life to my new candle company. I kept seeing circles and realized that many times in life we come Full Circle, don’t we? My love for TN/GA, the mountains, camping, hiking, rivers, waterfalls, creeks, local critter I could only enjoy on short camping visits and now here I was. Living in the dream, calling it home. Full Circle was perfect and Sunny Day led the way.

If you are a work at home parent and have deep desires I say keep on following your dreams. Keep creating. Believe in your business ventures. You never know where you will wind up and how you too will come around Full Circle…Peace to you!!




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