Full Circle Candles Joined Whole Foods!

Over a year ago I was shopping in Whole Foods Chattanooga. My daughter and I stopped in the candle section to smell candles. She looked at me and said “Mom, why don’t you see if they will take your candles here.” I shook my head with a no, shrugged my shoulders and expressed my nervousness to do that. Then she said “The worst they can say is no.” I pondered more as we walked around shopping and then I stopped, looked at her and said “You know, you are right.” I got up my nerve, asked for a manager and the answer I got that day was “bring in some samples.” The rest is history. There was much paperwork, learning curves, but all worth the wait. The support from my local liason was incredible and we just kept going forward till those special candles hit the shelf.

It is one store, a beginning and I will be applying to more. I have learned that the worst anyone can say is “No.” Good lessons to learn. Overcoming fears and believing in oneself. I love all the support and good things people have to say about the candles. A following is occuring and it is pretty amazing. I hear how authentic and special they are to so many people. It is more then the soy candle. It is a story of never giving up. It is a movement with meaning. Full Circle has made it into Whole Foods! We are celebrating still. And So It Is!

Debbie Blinder, Owner, Full Circle Candles




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