Fanning the Flames of Friendship -A Full Circle Story by Elizabeth Ellis


One of my candle customers has become a dear friend and she has written a wonderful review for Full Circle Candles. Thank You Liz for your kinds words. Candles bringing people together. Enjoy reading my first guest blog candle review!!

Fanning the Flames of Friendship: My Full Circle Candles Story – By Elizabeth Ellis

Candle Fanatic and Author of the movie/book review blog The Insatiable Critic 

Scientific research has shown the strongest sense to trigger memories is scent, and French writer Marcel Proust has written about “odor-evoked autobiographical memory.” Maybe this is why I’ve always loved candles so much – the right one can take me back to happy moments in my life. One candle I got as a child called “Oceans” produced by Pier One reminded me of vacations at the beach. Anything cucumber melon-related takes me back to my high school days when that was the “premiere” new scent at Bath and Body Works (and has recently been brought back this month as a featured “throwback”).

I also am a big advocate of shopping local. I love Farmer’s Markets and supporting personal entrepreneurships. When I moved to the small town of Monteagle, TN from New Haven, CT in the summer of 2014, I was delighted to find the existence of the large Chattanooga Market about 40 minutes away that specialized in all manner of goodies from local veggies and cheeses to, well – candles!

Let it be known I am a bit of a hippie. I love nature. LOOOOVE nature. And eco-friendly products are a huge draw for me. So “naturally” I was drawn to Full Circle Candles table at the market. Debbie greeted me with a smile that was genuine and spoke without a trace of a southern accent – something that made me wonder if she was a transplant like me. One of the first candles I picked up was “Summer Nights” – Honeysuckle Jasmine-scented – and BOOM, there I was back in my grandma’s backyard, enjoying the fireflies on a warm July night in Virginia. She had a huge honeysuckle bush that I used to “sip” on as a kid. Of course, I had to have it.

When I took it home, I was impressed not only at how long the candle lasted and how clean the soy-based wax burned, but how glorious it smelled – all the way down to the last quarter-inch. When I discovered she also had the burner tarts, I had to go back for more. The tiny charms tied around the candles, butterflies or hopeful messages like “love,” “grace,” and “friendship” reflected the care she obviously takes in developing her product. It was so impressive, and I soon found myself seeking her out and spending longer and longer at her booth at the market and at other festivals in the area, sharing my stories about what her scents reminded me of, narrowing down my ever-changing list of favs (currently Summer Nights, Soul Friends, and Rising Buddha), and finding common threads like our love of the great outdoors and animals. My intuition about her accent was right – she is originally from the Northeast, and growing up in the tri-state area we commiserated on the challenges and perks of moving to a new place. In April 2015, hanging out at her booth at The Trails and Trilliums Festival held annually in the spring in Monteagle where we both live, I realized to my surprise that we had officially become friends.

Debbie inspires me in so many ways, not only with her spirit of professionalism in her work and her product while balancing family and personal obligations, but with her supportiveness and genuine kindness towards others. She followed her dream of creating this company despite setbacks and naysayers and she’s made it a thriving reality because everything she does is done with passion, and that comes through in her product – every candle is handmade and unique in its own right, right down to the customized charm. I will be forever grateful her product brought us “full circle” together as dear friends.

Full Circle Candles

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