Ruts and Joys

img_8444I miss this. Sitting in a coffeehouse, writing to all of you in the early quiet mornings. We all know that ruts can take over our lives a bit, but it is sure good when we wake up for a moment, taking a small step. My rut lately in business has been stagnation and which road to move forward on. Slowly, as ideas present themselves, steps to move forward begin with a great sigh of relief.

I am glad to be a big fan of Shark Tank, but I always wonder after they get the deal well, what happens? The after shows helped to open my eyes. No one is alone in the pool of the the entrepreneaurial lifestyle. There are great joys with running a buisiness, but also great challenges. As the small business grows, the demand becomes bigger then the fulfillment. Glitches and stressful decisions increase. The learning curves feel more winding.  It moves you to face the challenges and find creative ways to swim through it all.

Best advice I ever received when facing a brick wall is tomorrow is always a new day. Everyday is a chance to put something in place, to make a call, to write someone, to refresh, to make a decision that helps you and your company. Accomplish a small daily task to create that newness.

My goals today are to fill up my calendar with craft fairs for my candle business and write another store about carrying my line of candles. I sit here drinking my coffee, listening to the community around me talking, living, and laughing. I am aware my office can be a coffeehouse if I choose, with inspirational events all around me and well, I wouldn’t trade this for anything, challenges and all.


Debbie, Owner Full Circle Candles






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