Art n’ Soul Classes

Art n’ Soul Classes

Creating for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

These classes are focused on forming a sacred space with creations that help bring the gifts of healing, stress-relief, increased self-esteem, self-awareness and togetherness.

Friday, September 22nd – Medicine Bag Workshop – The series opens up with the Native American energy of good medicine. With much honor, passed down knowledge will lead the class in creating a powerful, personal medicine bag to wear for many days to come. Please bring small, special items from home to place in your bags.

Friday, October 20th – Self Reflection Collage Art – How do you see yourself? What do you feel? What are you letting go of and what do you welcome in? Come on out for a night of celebrating all that you are through this mixed media art project.

Friday, November 10th – The Mandala – Known in Sanskrit for “circle” or “completion”, this art carries deep, sacred meaning. Mandalas will be made from scratch (no templates) as to see where the journey takes you.

Friday, December 15th – Journal Making/Creative Writing – Winter is a wonderful time for deep reflection, so we close our four part series with creating personal journals and participating in creative writing time with sharing.

All are welcome to these classes. Great for teens/preteens as well. Suggested Donation of $15 is appreciated. All classes begin at 6pm and take place at Hallelujah Pottery in the Full Circle Candles work space. 1202 W. Main Street, Monteagle, TN. Led by Debbie Blinder. Call 931-636-4717 to hold your spot as space is limited and or email at

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