Grateful for Farmers Markets


Every Tuesday (if I have an online order) I deliver candles to the local farmers market up here in Sewanee. I have been selling on there for a few years now. If I recall, it is actually one of my beginning opportunities for selling my candles.

Every time I deliver, I stare around in amazement at this well oiled market machine. Healthy meats (no hormones, grass fed, pasture raised), organic veggies, fruits, jellies, flowers, coffee, soaps, and so much more. I get a feeling as I stand there, waiting to be checked in with my little order of candles, of such gratitude to be a part of this. It is indeed why I began making my own goods in the first place and here I stand in awe, glowing at all I see around me.

Moving to this place brought me to such an abundance of farmers markets and in this area of Tennessee (and hopefully other places) it is really thriving. People are working the land, creating wholesome products, making a living selling their wonderful goods to communities that support local beyond anything I have ever witnessed. I feel it is only growing stronger in many communities. I hope to always be involved with my local farmers market, learning and growing along with it.

Check out your own local farmers markets and dive in to all the goodies!!!



Full Circle Candles




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