Happy New Year – Reflect, Refresh, Reboot, Focus

Planning 2019

It is officially 2019 and into the new year we go. Linear time is the trickster and in the back of my mind the question of “does it really mean anything?” lurks. Indeed, ritual is important to us and in many cultures. So, yes, as the new year celebrations pass us by, we have a chance in our own life rituals to reflect, refresh, and reboot and focus on new goals.

As a crafting business, this is always my small winter break, but before I can refresh and reboot, I must seek out reflection and what was the biggest lesson to learn so I can move on and plan ahead.

At the end of year I had to face a most important meeting. Upon getting ready with picking out my nice skirt, my nice blouse, my special sparkly earrings, I realized, after just moving, my nice shoes were in a box somewhere. All I had were my sneakers and socks. The meeting I had to attend was over 2.5 hours away. I said to myself “Surely, as I find the meeting place, I can locate a Walmart or a shoe store near by and this issue would be solved”. Upon my arrival to meeting, 1/2 hour before it started, I parked and googled “Walmart near me” and it was only a few miles away but with traffic (which was heavy in the area) would take me about 15 minutes to get there. Gulp! I panicked for a moment. What if they see my sneakers? What will they think of me? I mean this is like a “suit” people sorta meeting. Then in one quick moment I looked in the mirror, fixed up my hair, saw the wrinkles in my face, smiled and said “screw it”. If they don’t like it oh well. I am going in and I am going for it. I grabbed my samples of candles and with sneakers and all I went in. On the other side of the door I was greeted by a woman, maybe in her 20’s, a very modern fun haircut, jeans and a t-shirt along with a HUGE supportive smile. No sneakers would matter in any of this meeting. Not one bit. She was interested in only my story and my candles.

The lesson for me was slapped in my face. In 2018 I was challenged by some others in industry to run my company with an energy to make bigger bucks, do it quickly, and pretty much if you run over others, so be it. Heart and Business don’t mix. Was this how to run a business? Was I a failure if I did not change my ways? Can I run a business, even in sneakers and socks?

I looked around at who I most admire in business. My most influential business and crafting friends. I saw nothing but them in their businesses. I saw it took them time, like me. I saw how they had to learn new business skills, just like me. They expressed how people took advantage of them in business, just like me. Also, I saw plenty of heart and when sharing my concerns, I got nothing back but be you, be unique, and no worries about what others do. Focus. My story, my candles, my meeting with this business woman was a huge “aha” moment. I was told my candles matched their goals, their ways. Sustainable, positive, and with a great story and passion driven behind it all. We made a good team. It was not just another candle. It had heart, it took me time and lots of energy and this was respected. At the same time we talked of business wisdom and how to move forward and expand. That was my most successful and validating moment on this candle journey. It felt wonderful to be me and to be accepted as the business woman I choose to be, even in my socks and sneaks.

So now that I have reflected on a big lesson of 2018 I turn away and focus in on 2019. I will be working with new stores, new ideas I have always wanted to put in place for years, and move forward with who I am through creating the candles. I look forward to the challenge of strengthening my business, learning new ways to accomplish goals, and always keeping the heart the center. I hope this message find you well through those doubtful moments in your business and or life journey. Always be your comfortable you, reflect, refresh, reboot, and focus.

Debbie Blinder is the owner/candle-maker of Full Circle Candles


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