Shine Bright In This World

Bee the Change

As I hit my 40’s, I feel the tone of social media, news outlets, and even friends opinions have taken a big toll on my mind and emotions. I don’t think I am alone in this too. I had hit a time of well, hopelessness, and couldn’t see how possible to make a difference in such a world. It all felt too big to take on.

I have always had an attraction to anything dealing with the environment, earth and animals (probably largely in part to my Bob Ross and John Denver influences). It spilled over into college and eventually made it’s way into a bookstore I owned in Florida, The Knowledge Tree, which not only had books but also had a strong social activism side. So many good things happened at that little store, so many people joined in and it felt even the smallest gesture made a little difference.

So with all this said, I chose to shut down the civil media war online and TV and turned my head to concentrate on decent forms of journalism, good books, small non-profits, people and businesses doing positive work in this world. I found I was quickly inspired by so many working on grassroots levels making positive differences. They made me feel it is possible to still be involved. A little flame has formed in me again.

A large part of Full Circle Candles influences are when we moved to TN. Nature, hiking, animals, food, farmers and crafters helped lead me to create my own craft, candles, and more. Now it is coming around full circle to what I believe in and what I choose to be a part of as I walk on this journey. So in the upcoming days I am going to be sharing a new candle line that reflects the road Full Circle and myself are going on. I hope others will join in and learn lots with me! I could not have done this without such influential people doing amazing work every day. It is pretty uplifting when you read lots of good news stories. They certainly shine bright in this world and hence this is the name of the new line!

I picked each theme through much research and what I wanted to be a part of, what spoke to me the most, what felt the most authentic. Lots of work went into this, lots of great folks helped me, they kept it sacred and I have enjoyed this creating process immensely.

So enjoy the unveiling of 5 new themed candles this week (there will be more!) that hopefully they will Shine Bright in this World! This is just the beginning of the journey. I felt it was perfect to begin it in the month of one of my favorite holidays, created in the year I was born, Earth Day! Happy April! Onward!

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