Running the Marathon of Life

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

My business was built on craft fairs and farmers markets. Here I am, 8 years later, about to hit 50 and 2020 was predicted to be one of my greatest years. I fought a cancer scare in 2019, I am just healing up from radiation and chemo, I have a brand new store to run, and was heading back to all our favorite markets and festivals. Classes, community events being planned. Cloud nine I tell you.

Then cue music, enter life, stage right. Pulling the rug out under my feet, again. In this case, all of our feet.

However, a very small positive light is still burning. We all have had to let go. You can’t control the situation but how can you run along with life, side by side, partners in unison? Not all days are sunny and beautiful. Some days you hit the puddles, potholes, droughts, and mud.

In another world, I would be selling my creations at outdoor markets on these beautiful spring days. I also would be opening my store with a gigantic smile (no needed mask to hide it) and running tons of classes and events. If I focus on these thoughts (and believe you me it creeps into my brain) the paced run begins to slow down and quitting rules the mind.

So, today is today. My self motivation in the marathon is to go outside, remembering the other hobbies and ideas that have always wished to come along on the run. Planting seeds, learning about herbs, watering the garden, learning how to brave the online selling world and creating more classes, even with zoom. Yes, even attempting this blog again as I never had time before. Treating myself to learning new crafting hobbies and recipes for healthy new products, and taking on my long love of animals with more detailed bird watching. An absolute joy and new found obsession. Also, filling my indoor time with inspirational new landscapes such as cooking, books, magazines and documentaries.

As I write this, surrounded by much bird chatter, blooming flowers, a soft breeze and warm sun, I tighten up my laces, stretch my legs, and begin my paced run again with life. Sipping on my delicious iced tea, taking deep breaths of fresh air, and keep on running forward in hopes all of us make it through just fine and maybe, just maybe, even stronger and more aware then ever before.

Purple Beauty

Debbie Blinder is owner of Full Circle Candles and Hallelujah Pottery in Monteagle, TN. Learn more about all they do at

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